Dear Delegates,

SeattleMUN 2019 is proud to offer twelve committees for both middle school and high school delegates, each designed for various experience levels. Our principal bodies aim to emulate real United Nations and international organizations, and were selected in reflection of the most critical and influential current global issues. Our specialized committees offer delegates an opportunity to debate the dynamic, nuanced, and fast-paced topics of the past, present, and future. Both middle and high school delegates will receive the opportunity to develop their passions, connect with the MUN community, and experience high quality debate. Whether you are a first time delegate or a seasoned debater, you are sure to find a committee suited to you. Should you have any questions regarding what individual committees entail or about the committees department as whole, please feel free to reach out to us or your dais. We look forward to seeing you at opening ceremonies!

Faraz Qureshi

Chief of Staff |

Roshan Nair

USG of Committees - Principal Bodies |

Audri Saulters

USG of Committees - Specialized Committees |

Principal Bodies

Roshan Nair |

Our eight Principal Bodies offer diverse debate experiences and styles on a wide range of current and highly relevant topics. Smaller committees become intimate and nuanced, allowing you to delve deep into critical issues, whilst our larger bodies allow you to practice competitive debate and experience the full breadth of United Nations discourse. Whether you are a first time delegate or a seasoned veteran, you will be able to find a committee suited to you.

Specialized Committees

Audri Saulters |

The following specialized committees are significant in making SeattleMUN a unique conference. While some committees and topics remain familiar, others are entirely new to the Washington Model United Nations circuit. Each of them holds a smaller number of delegates to establish an intimate, fast-paced setting for debate on matters of the past, present, and future. Unlike principal bodies, not all delegates will represent UN Member States, nor will they always follow standard Rules of Procedure. Although these committees are ideal for advanced delegates, the learning experience is immense for all who partake.

High School

Historical United Nations Security Council

International Press Corps


Position papers will be due on Febraury 3rd at 11:59PM.

Background guides will be posted on the committee pages.