Seattle Model United Nations is a two day Model UN conference in Seattle, Washington that provides high schoolers and middle schoolers alike with the opportunity to engage in a simulation of the United Nations. SeattleMUN aims to introduce students to the world of international relations and diplomacy, as well as foster lifelong skills of research, debate, and professional conduct. We bring together the youth in our community to come together as global citizens and encourage them to positively impact others, as well as aim to instill an early passion for global affairs.

Our Mission

  • To motivate students to become more actively involved in local and global affairs

  • To empower student leaders to take collaborative action to enforce peace and security within their communities

  • To provide early exposure to collegiate resources by sharpening critical thinking in the student mindset

  • To connect youth in the Seattle area in order to build lifelong relationships that bind our community

Board of Directors

Monisha Weerasundara


Subramanian Ramachandran


Trevor Mueller

Arun Solanky

EJ Velasco

Shawdi Mehrvarzan

Paige Chickering

Kelsey Braford

Angie McNally

Athena Ho

Assistant to the Secretary-General

Athena Ho nurses a crippling addiction to caffeine and currently attends the International Community School as a junior. Since her first time participating as a delegate two years ago in the PACMUN 2017 Senate, she has nurtured her burning passion for spreadsheets, scrunchies, and the ukulele. You can often find her working on bad poetry, cramming frantically for APCS, or planning her next trip to her hometown of Austin, Texas (go Longhorns). Whether it be Cars 2 fanfiction or a Harry Potter filibuster, MUN has provided Athena with irreplaceable memories and friendships. Athena is thrilled to be serving as a USG of Delegate Affairs for SeattleMUN 2019, and hopes to provide all delegates attending SeattleMUN an unforgettable experience!

Rabeeya Asif

Director General

Rabeeya Asif is a Junior in the Cambridge Program at Juanita High School. Ever since her freshman year, Rabeeya has been an active members of the Model United Nations community here in the Pacific Northwest. Throughout her time in Model UN, Rabeeya has served as both Director and Chair for the GA, ECOSOC, and EU at various conferences. She currently serves on the secretariat of PACMUN 2018 as the USG of Committees for Economic and Social Councils. Model United Nations holds a very special place in Rabeeya’s heart because it gives her the opportunity to share her passion for international affairs and diplomacy with others. When she’s not deliberating international affairs or toiling with calculus problems, you can find her in a HOSA conference, in the DECA room, volunteering through Key Club, or produly sitting as the Recreational Chair for Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Council. She also loves Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, hikes, pilates with friends, and spending time with her two chickens. Rabeeya is thrilled to be serving one of the most munderful Secretariats there is and to be part of a such unique conference that integrates both middle school and high school delegates. She cannot wait to see everyone at opening ceremonies!

Annalisa Mueller-Eberstein

USG of Delegate Affairs

Annalisa can commonly be found attending the International Community School in Kirkland as a seemingly normal junior and is ecstatic to be serving as the USG of Delegate Affairs with her new buddies on external and in the DA team. After four years of mainly working in the internal team, serving as an Assistant Director, Chair, and Director of a variety of committees including DISEC, Senate, UNEP, and WHO, she has finally gotten the opportunity to work on the outside as part of external. One of her favorite things about MUN besides the wonderful people is the debate in and out of committee, usually about important issues, like whether a hot dog is a sandwich. Annalisa can't wait to meet you all at SeattleMUN 2019 and hopes every delegate has the opportunity to learn, but also enjoy the experience while having fun. When not planning for MUN conferences, she can be found watching a certain show on Netflix, completing a project for FBLA, working as Vice President of ASB, or most importantly, making bad puns, using horrible pick-up lines, and ignoring homework.

Ariana Haji

Secretary General

Ariana Haji is a senior at Juanita High School. MUN has played an integral role in Ariana’s life over the past four years, having had the opportunity to participate as both a delegate and staff member in a variety of committees. Ariana also currently sits as the USG of Committees for General Assemblies at PACMUN 2018. She is excited for SeattleMUN 2019 and to watch delegates come together with a shared passion for international affairs to harness their diplomacy skills to form innovate solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. The international community shares a common destiny, and she admires how MUN allows delegates to take the first steps in improving the quality of life of people everywhere. Outside of SeattleMUN, Ariana serves as President on her NHS and MUN board, plays tennis, and loves to read. Ariana cannot wait to see everyone at opening ceremonies!

Audri Saulters

USG of Specialized Committees

Audri Saulters is a woman of many hats. Senior, IB Diploma candidate, and “perpetually tired” at Inglemoor High School are a few, but her heart really settles in the mantle of “USG of Specialized Committees” at SeattleMUN 2019. With that, she’s also a proud editor of the humor section of her school’s newspaper, and will kindly ask you to laugh at her jokes (it’s her lifesource). If she doesn’t become a viral sensation by the time she graduates, Audri will likely pursue her passion for international relations and linguistics at whichever college takes the L and accepts her. Ultimately, she looks forward to awkward small talk with whoever you are at SeattleMUN 2019, and afterwards, who knows? You’ll probably see her again as your Chief of Staff at KINGMUN 2019 too. She’s everywhere.

Roshan Nair

USG of Principal Bodies

Roshan Nair is a senior at Tesla STEM High School and has been a part of the Pacific Northwest Model United Nations Circuit for three years. He has been a staff member at both PACMUN and KINGMUN, and currently serves as the Under Secretary General of Committees for Regional Committees at PACMUN 2018 as well as the Co-Secretary General of KINGMUN 2019. Being involved in Model UN has allowed Roshan to pursue his passion for international relations and environmental management. He has furthered his passion for eliciting cognizense in youth on climate change through speaking to the Washington State STEM Education and Innovation Alliance and at TEDxRedmond, serving as Director of Communications for the student-led organization Schools Under 2C, and through teaching environmental and earth science at Science Infinity to middle school students. Aside from MUN, Roshan is a geography buff, an avid scuba diver, and enjoys spending time with his chickens and gardening. He is thrilled to be a part of and experience the growth of a new Model United Nations Northwest conference that brings together middle school and high school delegates for an amazing debate experience. Roshan hopes to see you all at opening ceremonies of the inaugural SeattleMUN 2019!

Sherveen Mehrvarzan

USG of Marketing

Sherveen Mehrvarzan is currently a junior at the International Community School in Kirkland, Washington; and is now participating in his fourth year of Model UN. Time and time again, Sherveen is inspired by the insight, diplomacy, and overall professionality of the Pacific Northwest MUN region. Through his passion for the Model UN world he has been apart of numerous conferences, as a delegate, staff, and even secretariat. Outside of his MUN-filled life, Sherveen is found at his school being the President of Tech Crew, being the Vice-President of FBLA and the Public Relations officer of his MUN club. To have fun, Sherveen plays basketball recreationally, likes to toy with calculus problems, and explores the world of computers. Sherveen is honored to be apart of the Secretariat for SeattleMUN, and is ready to put in the work to make it the best that it can be!

Siddharth Shende

USG of Logistics

Siddharth Shende is a junior at Tesla STEM High School. Outside of this conference, he has been to 18 conferences as a staff, delegate, and secretariat - and has won numerous awards, over his 3 years of MUN. Outside of MUN, he is very interested in FBLA, and numerous entrepreneurship startup programs. He is very involved in service projects and caring for the environment - he is part of the Schools Under 2 C foundation, at his school and is a part of the Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee (RYPAC). For fun, he loves to watch movies and listen to music, and explore Netflix's catalog. Interested in the application of his leadership and team-working skills, Siddharth Shende is super excited to be a part of the 2019 SeattleMUN Secretariat.

Alicen Han

USG of Delegate Affairs

Alicen Han is a sleep-deprived and boba-obsessed junior attending Newport High School. Since attending her first conference in sophomore year, Model UN stimulated Alicen’s passion for political activism and international relations. When she is not in WBA debating to her heart’s content or struggling to maintain her GPA, Alicen enjoys playing tennis and clarinet, and also participates in her school’s DECA, Key Club, National Honor Society, and Days for Girls clubs. Alicen is honored to be part of the inaugural Secretariat of SeattleMUN, and is absolutely ecstatic to meet all the delegates at SeattleMUN 2019!

Juhi Sinha

USG of Delegate Affairs

Juhi Sinha is a Senior at Interlake High School in the IB diploma program and has been a part of the PNW Model United Nations community for the past four years. She is currently serving as the President of her schools MUN club as well as the Director General of PACMUN 2018. Juhi has attended 11 conferences as a delegate over the course of her MUN career and has won a total of 11 awards. Juhi is also on the Junior Advisory Board for The First Tee of Greater Seattle and serves on the Board of TEDXRedmond. In her spare time Juhi enjoys playing golf, cooking, and singing Indian classical music. She is super excited for the inaugural SeattleMUN and can't wait to see everyone there!

Faraz Qureshi

Chief of Staff

Faraz Qureshi is a Junior at the Cambridge program at Juanita High School. Ever since 8th grade, attending SkyMUN, Faraz has found MUN to be useful catalyst in creating memories and forming bonds. Throughout his time in Model United Nations, Faraz has attended near 16 conferences as a delegate, staff, and secretariat member. Through a multitude of conferences and awards, Faraz has become deeply involved with the NWMUN circuit, looking to expand on it through SeattleMUN. When he is not arguing out resolutions in committee, you can find him serving tennis balls in the courts of Juanita High School, producing music at home, or doing robotics with friends. Faraz has a strong passion for debate and helping the community which he does through the Redmond Youth Partnership Advisory Committee (RYPAC). In addition, he also enjoys biking, reading, going on road trips, and playing games. Faraz is positively excited to be serving as your Chief of Staff and to be a part of conference that brings together both High schoolers and Middle schoolers into a collective experience for all to enjoy.

Tristan Stevens

USG of Technology

Tristan Stevens is a junior at Tesla STEM High School. This is his fourth year of doing MUN after getting involved at SkyMUN in eighth grade. He fell in love with MUN and went on to participate in over six conferences during his Freshman year and another four sophomore year. He started out as a delegate and went straight to secretariat, first serving as your USG of Technology for KINGMUN 2018, and is currently serving as USG of technology for PACMUN, EDUMUN, and, of course, SeattleMUN. Outside of Model UN, he can be found taking photographs, coding or doing robotics. He can’t wait for SeattleMUN 2018 as he believes it will be a truly revolutionary conference for the Washington MUN circuit.