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Welcome to SeattleMUN 2019! Registration for this conference will work differently for Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers. Middle schoolers will be registered by their advisors, while High Schoolers will register themselves. Please refer to their respective pages for pricing and registration instructions.

Please take note that middle schoolers will be attending SeattleMUN for one day, and high schoolers will be attending for both days.

Registration opens November 11th. Please feel free to reach out to our delegate affairs team at if you have any questions.



Middle School


November 11th - March 30th


High School


Early Registration

November 11th - December 14th


High School


Regular Registration

December 14th - January 18th


High School


Late Registration

January 19th - March 30th

Middle School

Middle Schools will have a regular registration period from November 11th, 2018 to February 2nd, 2019. To ensure that SeattleMUN remains accessible for all middle school delegates, the delegate fee for each middle school delegate is set at $20.

Advisors will register their delegation by completing the delegate registration form. Please make sure to specify the number of delegates that will need to be registered.

After advisors have registered delegations, our delegate affairs team will send a list of positions for your delegates. Advisors will then assign their delegates positions and send the list to our delegate affairs team. Advisors will need to have students fill out the delegate contract, scan, and then email them to delegate affairs.

Middle schoolers without a delegation can sign up as independent delegates through the independent delegate form. Independent middle school delegates will need to bring a chaperone to the conference.

Delegation Registration →

Independent Registration →

High School

High School Registration is a two step process.Advisors will complete the delegation registration form, indicating the number of delegates that will be attending. After advisors register their delegations, each delegate will register themselves by completing the delegate form.

After completing the delegate registration form, delegates should expect to receive an email within 72 hours of registering with their country position. In the event that a delegate would like to switch their positions, they must email our delegate affairs team with their request.

Delegation Registration →

Delegate Registration →

Financial Aid

At Seattle Model United Nations, we want to ensure that every delegate can attend our conference. We offer financial aid on a first come first serve basis. The earlier a delegate requests financial aid, the higher the likelihood they will have of receiving it.

Financial aid is only available to delegates attending without a delegation. Middle and high school delegates attending without a delegation must fill out the independent delegate registration form and email it to

Financial Aid Form →